Linda Yli-Mäenpää

Jetski cruising and snorkeling in Airlie Beach

Linda Yli-Mäenpää
Jetski cruising and snorkeling in Airlie Beach

From Surfers Paradise we took a flight to Airlie Beach which is an Australian resort town on Queensland’s Whitsunday Coast. We were so excited to see the Whitsunday Islands and snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef.

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The first days we were just chilling and exploring Airlie Beach by foot. It was a really beautiful place and the climate reminded me of Bali because it was more humid up in the north of Australia. Me and Jesse booked a Jetski safari around the Whitsunday Islands and that was very exciting because neither of us had driven a jetski before. Before we went on the jetski we had a safety brief where the guides told us some safety rules and practical info. Then it was time to hop on a jetski. I was the first one to drive and Jesse was the passenger and then in the middle of the safari we switched places. We had so much fun but I have to admit that I was a bit scared at first and I actually fell of the jetski while I was driving it. We hit a large wave so I flew right into the ocean. It was fun though and I'm still laughing at myself when I think about it. We drove around Hayman and Whitehaven Islands and the views were amazing. It was nice that you were allowed to drive fast with the jetski and that you didn’t need to hold back.

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A few days before the trip to the Whitehaven Island we booked the snorkeling trip through a tourist agency. It was a day trip and we paid about 100€ for it. It was quite expensive especially when you compare the price to the snorkeling trip prices in Bali. But it was a one’s in a lifetime opportunity to experience a trip to the Whitehaven Island and snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef because the reef sadly might not be there for much longer and the trip lasted the whole day so it was totally worth it. We started from the harbor at nine o’clock in the morning and traveled with a speed boat to the Islands. Our first stop was at the main island which was the Whitehaven Island. We hiked to the top of the island, took some pictures and then climbed down to the beach. The beach was amazing; the sand was white and the water was turquoise blue, it was basically a beach of paradise. The day was a bit cloudy and it rained a little at one point but it didn’t matter because we could still experience everything we were supposed to.

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After the visit to the Whitehaven Island we had lunch on the boat. The lunch was pretty good and I was surprised that they had some vegan options as well so I was more than happy. After lunch it was time to go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. We went snorkeling to two different locations. At the first location we could see a lot of fish and let me tell you the fish we saw were the biggest ones I had ever seen in my life. The guides threw some fish food in the water so we got to see the fish from really close and it was so cool. Then we headed to the second location and there we saw a beautiful coral reef. We snorkeled along the coral reef and saw colorful and beutiful underwater life. It was sad to think that in the near future the coral reef won’t probably be there anymore. So I was really happy to got to see it before it’s all gone.

The clock was about five in the evening when we arrived back to the harbor and then we went to our apartment. Overall we all were very pleased with the trip and would recommend it to everyone. When we got back home we cooked some dinner and some of us went for an evening swim to a lagoon near us.


We spent four nights in Airlie Beach and then it was time to fly to Sydney!