Linda Yli-Mäenpää

A day at the waterfalls

Linda Yli-Mäenpää
A day at the waterfalls

I have never been to a waterfall before so this experience really made me gasp!

We set the alarm at seven and decided to leave for the waterfalls around eight o'clock in the morning. First we headed to the Kanto Lampo waterfall which is located in Gianyar near Ubud. It took us approximately hour and a half to get there by car from Canggu.

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I suggest that you have the same driver to drive you to the locations because it can be hard to get a transportation away from there. I also recommend you to take a waterproof bag because the waterfall splashes water everywhere. If you're planning on taking a camera with you or even just a phone I also suggest that you take something you can wipe your lens with because it can get really wet when you're taking photos. Also a good pair of shoes comes in handy since there are few stairs you have to climb up and down to get to the waterfalls.  

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Then we headed to the Tibumana waterfall which is located in Bangli also near Ubud. From Kanto Lampo waterfall to Tibumana waterfall it took us about 10 minutes. Again there was a lot of stairs to go down to get to the waterfall. The nature around us was very beautiful.

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This waterfall was a lot calmer than the previous. There was no water splattering around so you didn't need to be scared of your camera or phone getting wet. And yes we did change bikinis (lol) for the other waterfall. 

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After that it was time to head home and we were back in Canggu about one o'clock in the afternoon. We had a very fun time at the waterfalls but we were so tired after the trip that we just got something to eat and took a nap when we arrived home.