Linda Yli-Mäenpää

A weekend in Amed!

Linda Yli-Mäenpää
A weekend in Amed!

We took a car on Friday at two o’clock in the afternoon from Canggu, grabbed Jennifer and Juuli from school and headed to Amed!

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The car ride took us about three and a half hours and we arrived at the beautiful and mountainous Amed. We stayed at the Barong cafe bungalow and restaurant which was really nice and affordable. Breakfast was included and they had a nice pool and cozy bungalows. Because we arrived in the evening, we decided to just have dinner and then go to sleep. For dinner we went to a restaurant called Bukit Segara that was just a cross from our hotel. The restaurant was very cozy and the service was good but the food was decent and kind of ”expensive” for Bali.

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Next morning we had our alarms set for 5.30 in the morning because we wanted to see the sunrise. After watching the sunrise we took a morning swim in our pool and ate breakfast. We rented scooters from our hotel so we could move around in Amed because there are not a lot of taxies or other transportation's available. Then it was time to go snorkeling! We went to a snorkeling trip with a catamaran boat. It was very nice to go out in the ocean with a boat but we could have gone to the snorkeling locations our selves with scooters. So I don’t actually recommend going on an arranged snorkeling trip because you will save your money if you go on your own to the beach. All the coral reefs are located close and throughout the whole shoreline. After the snorkeling we had lunch in a warung (a local food restaurant) and then we headed back to our hotel and hang out by the pool. At five o’clock in the evening we went cleaning up some trash from the streets with a diving teacher who invited us to join them on the world cleanup day. We cleaned up for an hour and then got offered some beers. After we just sat and talked with other people from around the world who had also participated in the cleanup day. Then we went out for dinner to a place called Safka that was located next to our hotel. The place was very nice and the food was good and you had a lot of options to choose from. We also found out that the hotels/restaurants owner was Finnish and that made sense because safka means food in Finnish. After dinner we went to sleep because once again we had an early morning ahead of us.

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On Sunday morning we woke up at nine o’clock and went to eat breakfast. After breakfast we sunbathed at the pool until half past eleven because we had to check out from the hotel at twelve. We left our bags at the hotel and rented some snorkels and flippers and went to the beach to snorkel. The diving teacher from last day told us that behind a local food restaurang called Warung Pyramids was a good spot to snorkel so we headed there and it was amazing! We should have gone there in the first place. He also said that you could see turtles there but unfortunately we didn’t, hopefully next time we have better luck. The whole day was spent snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing there. We left the beach around half past three because we had to be back to our hotel at five o’clock for our reserved transportation back home to Canggu. We said sad goodbyes to Amed and to our Danish friends whom we had spent our weekend with and started our journey home. We got back home eight o’clock in the evening.

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I can definitely recommend traveling to Amed. It’s a snorkeling paradise and the nature is so beautiful and so different compared to for example Canggu or Kuta. There aren’t that many tourists which was nice. I would really like to get my diving license done so I could go scuba diving whenever I want. Maybe I will do that next time I go to Amed because this trip won’t be the last for sure.