Linda Yli-Mäenpää

Weekend in Ubud

Linda Yli-Mäenpää
Weekend in Ubud

I joined Jennifer’s family for a weekend trip to Ubud and she had planned a lots of fun things for us to do and visit there.


First we had breakfast in Crate cafe in Canggu and then started driving to Ubud. We arrived to our hotel at half past nine in the morning and we dropped our belongings and headed to the rice terrace. The view that opened up over the rice fields was just wow. Everything was so green and peaceful. You could just walk freely among the rice fields and we spent easily two hours there. After a nice morning hike we went to have lunch in a vegan raw food cafe called Alchemy. The food was great, especially the mushroom pizza that Jennifer had. 

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After lunch we went to the monkey forest. It’s kind a like a park that is full of monkeys and the best thing with the forest is that the monkeys can come and go freely and they get food there. So they are there completely of their own will and they can leave when ever they want. It was a little bit scary at first I must admit because monkeys can be a bit rude and unpredictable. And you were not allowed to look them in the eyes or touch them because other wise they could feel provoked. But they are really interesting and fun creatures. 

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In the evening we had dinner in a place called Warung Falafel that was located in the middle of Ubud market. Then me and Jennifer went via Starbucks to have some takeaway coffee. We tried to go to sleep early because we had to go up early the next morning. 

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The next day our alarm woke us at five o’clock and half an hour later we were headed to the Campuhan ridge-walk and walked along the road and enjoyed the beautiful landscape and sunrise. 


After the morning walk we had breakfast in our hotel and at eleven o’clock we went to a coffee tasting in Seniman Coffee Studio. I only had an ice coffee because I’m not a really big fan of coffee and I’m still learning to drink it lol. Then me and Jennifer had lunch in a vegan place called Mudra Cafe.

Before we headed home we went to the Kanto Lampo waterfall. We arrived there about at one o’clock and it was pretty crowded. The last time we were at the waterfall there was less people because we were there early in the morning, like nine o’clock. So I really recommend to go to the waterfall or any waterfall actually as early as possible. After that it was time drive back home.


I had a really nice weekend in Ubud and I like the place so much. You can always find something fun to do there. If you are into yoga, vegan restaurants, waterfalls and other activities like rafting or just temples and rice terraces, it’s a place for you. The atmosphere is so different compared to other places in Bali, it’s like a very peaceful atmosphere.