Linda Yli-Mäenpää

Rafting tour on Ayung River

Linda Yli-Mäenpää
Rafting tour on Ayung River

Once again Asia Exchange had organized a cool trip for us and this time we went on a rafting tour to the Ayung River.


At seven o’clock in the morning we started our trip to Ubud where the Ayung river is located. We arrived to the Graha Adventure Rafting base at about eight o’clock and they supplied us all the equipment and guides that we needed. We put our bikinis, helmets and life jackets on and took a paddle with us and headed to the rafting location with car transportation. We had to climb down a few steps so we could get down to the river and there the guides told us about the rules and gave us instructions on how to be on the boats. Then it was time to go!

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The route through the river was 12 km long and it took us about two hours. It was a lot of fun! Of course I got a little bit nervous while rafting because of the hectic journey and bumpy ride but I would for sure do it again any time! We actually got stuck between and on top of rocks a few times and our boat got punctured by a rock (we were just laughing about it) but everything was fine and everybody got safely to the destination thanks to our professional guides.

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When we were done with rafting, it was of course time to climb up some stairs and take a car back to the rafting base. There they gave us towels so we could shower and put on some dry clothes. After that it was time for some food! The Indonesian lunch buffet was included to the price (400k/Idr), the food was really good and the best thing with buffets is that you can eat as much as you want. When we got our bellies full of food it was time to head home. The bus ride took us one hour and we were back in Sanur at about one o ‘clock in the afternoon.

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It was so much fun and if you like extreme sports and crazy rides I can fully recommend to go rafting! All you need is a swimsuit, spare clothes, rubber sandals and a GoPro or a waterproof case for your phone and you are good to go!