Linda Yli-Mäenpää

A relaxing weekend in Uluwatu

Linda Yli-Mäenpää
A relaxing weekend in Uluwatu

On Friday morning we packed our bags and headed to beautiful Uluwatu and chilled there the whole weekend.


Uluwatu is located in the South-Western tip of Bali. The drive to Uluwatu took over an hour from Canggu because there was this big meeting in Bali. We arrived to our homestay at twelve so we left our bags and rented a scooter from the homestay and headed to Padang Padang beach. The beach was so nice, it had clear blue water and the sand was light and soft. We enjoyed our time there while drinking beers, sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. Four o’clock in the afternoon we had a meeting with Asia Exchange because both me and Jennifer are going to do an interview with them that is going to be up on their website. We met up in an Italian restaurant, La Baracca. We ordered some food and started filming Jennifer’s interview. The food was very nice, they had plenty of vegan and vegetarian alternatives and the vegan cheese was heavenly. The food was so good that we had to come back the next day. In the evening we just chilled in our room and went to sleep quite early.


On Saturday we got up early and our friend Anna joined us on our weekend trip. We had breakfast and then went to Suluban beach but we couldn’t swim there because of the high tide so instead we went to Thomas beach. We walked quite a length along the shoreline and settled some distance away from where all the sunbeds and restaurants were so we could be in peace. Once again the beach was nice and we stayed quite some time at the beach. About two o’clock we had a late lunch at Nalu Bowls. After that we went back to our homestay, showered and got ready for a drink in Single Fin Beach Club. We watched the sunset, had some drinks and snacks before we headed to La Baracca for dinner.


On Sunday once again we had a beach day and this time we went to Nyang Nyang beach. I can really recommend this beach if you like to be alone. The beach has a few kilometer long coastline and an endless ocean view. We left the beach around one o’clock and went to have lunch in a place called Suka Espresso. The food there was so good and it’s rated one of the best restaurants in Uluwatu and now I can understand why. I can recommend their chia pudding with monkey business as a smoothie base. Then it was time to head back to Canggu. Overall we had a really fun and relaxing weekend and I can’t wait to go back to Uluwatu!


All of these beaches had stairs or a hike to walk down because Uluwatu is a hilly limestone region but that is also what makes Uluwatu so different compared to other places in Bali. Reminds me actually a little of Nusa Penida. I really recommend renting a scooter because you can’t get by without one really; there is a long distance between different places and it can be hard to get transportation.


Uluwatu is a very quiet place, at least compared to the touristy Kuta and the busy Seminyak. It has this relaxed vibe. There is not that many tourists so you can actually drive around without worrying about the traffic. Uluwatu has these amazing beaches and landscapes so if you like hanging at the beach, you enjoy a peaceful place or are a big fan of surfing, Uluwatu is the place for you.